Updates and Gaga

So this weekend I’ve been playing a lot the The Sims, and with a lot, I mean A LOT! Next week I have a lot of exams to take, but I have just ignored it and played. Anyways, I guess I will be up all night and study.  Luckily, this is the last week before the break. I couldn’t be more exited! Under the break I’ll have to study (a lot), but this time I will actually have time to do all of the things I’ve missed before I’ll get more essays and exams to study for.
Of course I’ll be up to a lot of fun stuff, like living at my aunts house for some days, play the Sims (of course), write music, paint, go out and take some photos, and at last but not least… I’ll order tickets to Lady Gaga in Stockholm!!! I’m so so sooooo hyper and exited. Me and my best friend Louise will go, and have an amazing time dancing and singing along with the Goddess of Love!
After the break I will just have time to go to school for one day, because the 2nd day of school me and my friend Thess (and my family) will go to Stockholm. Me and Thess are going to see All Time Low, and the day after I’ve time at the hairdresser to do some radical changes, you will just have to wait and see…



The Hayle Family: Candace Birthday

Ariana and Matthew are fighting the long days and sleepless nights with their little princess Candace. You could say that they aren’t the best parents in the world, they even missed their only daughters first birthday who had to celebrate it together with the babysitter while Ariana was out and made some street art in the library. 
The next day they felt a little guilty for leaving their princess all alone on her special day, so they took her out in the garden and had an amazing snow day with snowman’s and snow angels. Candace even took her first step that afternoon. 


Finally I had some time to play the Sims again. Today I have the day off from school, so I wanted to just take it easy and forget about all of the essays and tests I have to take next week. Right now I think I’m gonna wake up and grab something to eat before I’ll continue with my walk-in-closet project! It’s going to be so awesoooome!! To finally see all of my clothes, shoes and accessories, and to furnish it with amazing stuff! I will definitely make a category for this project. Gaah I can’t wait!

The Hayle Family: The Story

Because I’m addicted to The Sims, I wanted to share the story of my current household to the world, and make it to a kind of a story!

The Hayle Family

Ariana and Matthew Hayle met each other at the university, and Matthew fell for Ariana at first sight. Even though she was too blind to see it, and accept that the guy Derek she was head over heels for wasn’t right for her, Matthew finally got her with his rebellious and nerdy charm.
Just some months after dating he took her out and took the step to propose to her, and the wedding wasn’t far after. Their wedding night didn’t went as they expected, because somehow Ariana became pregnant, and from now they have to handle the life as parents in the beginning of their carriers.
So from now I will write about the life of Ariana, Matthew and their newborn daughter Candace. I really look forward to this, because I love the Sims, and I really really love making stories out of nothing! ^^

Trying to live with myself

I’m so exhausted. School is killing me and I don’t think I can take it anymore. I need to get to the stable more often to just get rid of all of my bad thoughts. Tomorrow I  only have lessons where I have to sing, and my throat hurts because of all of these hours of practicing lately. Anyways, I’m really happy for having such amazing friends, it really helps me through the day, because it have been a really hard time with problems around every single corner. Every day I’m trying to push myself back on the track again, and some days are better than others.

Another thing I have to write is that I can’t get over the fact how happy I was with myself some months ago. I was really on the right track, and I was high on life, but there’s always something that brings me down. Nowadays I can hardly trust anyone. I’ve locked myself in in my own little world were no one can hurt me, the only problem is that I can’t even trust myself anymore. It feels like everyone is against me. I don’t have any problem to like myself. It’s just that I can’t trust anyone anymore, and I have no idea what to do about it. Sometimes I even want to study on distance and live at my aunt and her husbands house for a while, because I don’t feel safe anywhere else.

But I won’t stop believe in myself, and I’ll fight through it all, I have done it so many times before, and I know that I can do it one more time.
Well… I slept too much on the winter break…

Two weeks left

It’s less than two weeks left until the winterbreak, and I’m stressing out! I have so much to do before that. This weekend my Luciaclass will have like 11 shows, and I’ve missed something in all of the other classes I have!
Well, I have some things that I’m really excited about, wich helps me to stay calm and happy. Also it’s just two weeks left for CHRISTMAS!!! I can hardly wait! Oh I love the christmas time!

Me and my beautiful friend Thess waiting for our time to shine!

Studying and studying

Break is over, and I’m back in school. So yesterday, when I came home, I spent sleeping, and today I am writing an essay for my swedish class. I have so much to do in school right now, and the only thing I WANT to do is to lay on the couch and watch Disney. But I guess I have to wait for the christmasbreak to do that…

This will be my spot for the rest of the evening/night. I’ve got a spongebob folder, oh yeah it’s awesome! ^^



Hi everyone!

Today I’ve been in Gothenburg and returned my winterjacket because the buttoning broke the second time I used it, so I got a new one. Unfortunatly, this jackets buttoning also broke some hours after I got it, so I got money back, and could keep the jacket.
So with the money I got, I went shopping ,of course. I most be the worst with money, and avoiding to shop when I have a lot of money.

This smoothie was amazing!

Anyways, the day was amazing, and a guy flirted with me and gave me some percent off on some drumstuff. ^^

The 1st of November

Right now I’m on the couch, watching Disney and trying to sleep. I’ve been playing the Sims 3 all night sience I came home from the stable. I’m trying to build my dream house, and it’s acually looking pretty nice at the moment. I’ll post some pictures of it when it’s done. ^^

At the ridinglesson today I got pretty pissed at myself, because Daira (the horse) wouldn’t calm down, and the only thing she wanted was to run and run. So because we were working a lot with control, it was pretty hard. At least it went good in the gallop.

Me and Daira